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Thank GOD for the gays: things get awkward with GIRLS “Beach House” rendezvous

I’m all for rekindling the spirit of old friendships: far, far in the distant realms of the Internet world only (which is still even too much to bare sometimes). So when a super-crazed Marnie suggests that her Aunt’s place be the symposium for some Girls “healing” time (Marnie going on a control freak rampage about something or other every five seconds), you can bet feelings are felt and opinions are fully disclosed among the four (with JUST the right blood alcohol content, of course).

But just as you think the weekend has no hope for fun with Marnie crushing every potentially good vibe, Elijah appears out of nowhere with his new boyfriend and some friends, saving the girls from any more dealing with Marnie not being able to go five seconds without forcing Hannah to come with her in the other room to talk. Aka: the gays crash the girls’ perfectly planned weekend, and I’m so, so glad that they did.

Of course I love me some Hannah Horvath, never not giving a sh*t (ALSO: we missed Adam a lot, too in this one), but the green bikini-ed GQ staff writer goes along with Marnie’s BS despite being an anxious mess about the whole thing altogether. After a certain point it is apparent Marnie has officially cracked (STILL telling the Charlie breakup story), which everyone takes notice and tries so hard to disregard. Except everything has to be PERFECT, meaning: duck for dinner? Ummm, yeah?! Woo! And who I missed seeing more of in this episode? Shosh, of course. But as soon as I thought I wasn’t getting my fulfillment of my favorite character on the show, in comes the babygirl herself with a more than honest drunk “slip” about how she totally thinks Hannah is a narcissist and Marnie’s duck tastes like a condom (which: f*cking hilarious).

So what does this say about the state of the show? Well, that 1) we haven’t seen an episode where the four have actually been in the same room since like, two years ago, and 2) these are not the same girls we met at the premiere; GIRLS is evolving into a separate four-way path that’s once in a blue moon mergence doesn’t deem too successful. However, the little bit of hope we get at the end of “Beach House” when the girls are sitting outside reminiscing their drunken choreographed dance from the night before, we know they still got that deep down love for each other, because THEY ARE FREAKING GIRLS.


(photos via The Huff Post and Slant)

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