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Step into Father’s Office for some legendary burgs and many, many microbrews

We were introduced to Father’s Office visiting Santa Monica after friends had made the suggestion for lunch and we were delighted with our experience, because who wouldn’t enjoy some well-prepared burgers and some tasty brews?

The restaurant’s casual feel and self-seating arrangement is definitely relaxing (not to mention the wide selection of worldwide beers on tap will leave you feeling a bit fuzzy); this is the perfect place to grab a quick bite while strolling through Santa Monica or Culver City (Santa Monica being the second location to open). We didn’t have to wait either time we went, either, but apparently this place gets pretty packed and the perfect time seemed to be in the mid-afternoon.

They are famous for the Office Burger, which we tried and is excellent. It’s served with caramelized onions, melted cheese, spinach, and your option of a side of fries or onion rings (the fries are bomb and sprinkled with diced scallions). Oh, and the side sauce served on the side is a creamy concoction of awesome.

The beer selection is extraordinary and you can expect the people working to be very knowledgable of each one (they serve bottles and drafts). We had been craving a citrusy beer and ended up trying the Alaskan Summer Ale (and a couple of Arrogant Bastard Ales, because carpe diem, right?).

All of the servers and bartenders wear shirts that say FO, so pretty much every time they come up to you it looks like they are telling you to F off. But they never do really, unless you’re not 21 (the whole place is 21+ and they card you at the door, so bring an ID).

If you’re in the area and get a chance to stop, expect nothing but good things from what’s been called LA’s Premiere Gastropub. You can even send out invites to friends for your next rendezvous on their site with The Father’s Office e-vite feature.

(photos via LAist & The Penny Arcade)

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