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Some of the dudes from Family Guy are writing “Robots Feel Nothing When They Hold Hands”

We always get a hoot out of watching Family Guy, and when we heard some of the comical minds behind the show were publishing their talents in print form, well, let’s just say we have Robots Feel Nothing When They Hold Hands on pre-order and can’t wait to read what’s to come from the hilarities of Michael Desilets, Artie Johann, and Alec Sulkin (@thesulk), along with illustrations by  Joe Vaux and Dominic Bianchi.

When we read Sulkin’s tweet last Friday for an #FF to his new book, we were immediately intrigued because his cynical, often offensive humor never fails to make us crack a laugh (or get really depressed, depending on the tweet-cumstance). So along with the other brilliant comedic and visual artists contributing, Robots Feel Nothing When They Hold Hands is expected one of the funnier contemporary cartooned reads.

Chronicle Books is publishing the conjoined work, and a short blurb addressed to fellow “Book Nerds” says the pages will be filled with “[j]okes so silly, stupid, twisted, [and] offensive[,] that they must be captured for future generations of wiseasses.”

The guys also said this publication is running a bit late and an official cover is still in the works, but this joke bible is set for a May 16 release.

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