Some of our favorite quotes from the Game of Thrones season II premiere

1. “Death is so boring, especially now with so much excitement in the world.” ―Tyrion

2. “So many adventures, so much to be thankful for.” ―Tyrion

3. “The comet means one thing, boy. Dragons. Blood and fire, boy, and nothing sweet.” ―Osha to Bran Stark

4. “My brother didn’t know anything about dragons. He didn’t know anything
about anything.” ―Daenerys

5. “No one will take my dragons!”―Daenerys

6. “Is that a girl? I haven’t seen a girl in six months.” ―Samwell

7. “You’re prettier than half of my daughters.” ―old man to Jon Snow

8. “You southerners make good wine, I’ll give you that”

9. “These are bad times to be living alone in the wild. The cold winds are rising” ―Craster

10. “Two cups is nothing, have another. It’s celebrate my name day” ―Joffrey

11.”Three victories don’t make you a conqueror.” ―Jaime “It’s better than three defeats” ―Robb

12. “Cities make me want to fuck.” ― Shae “And so did the country.” Tyrion

13. “I’m a slave to the truth. Why do you think I’m so little? I’m being crushed beneath the weight of that truth.” ―Tyrion

14. “Seize him. Cut his throat. Wait! I’ve changed my mind. Let him go!” ―Cersei

(photo via Ace Show Biz)

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