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So you think you’re a wine snob?: the SOMM documentary’s official trailer is out with a June 21st premiere date

“It’s a lot more than just grape juice.”

When it comes to wine, I’m all, “OK I like a nice dry merlot but not any of that sweet stuff,” meaning: I’ve got a lot to learn. But if you’re lucky enough to be in the presence of any sort of wine snob, they’ll be sure to school you on your wine naiveté as they swish their glass around, pompously dropping a fancy shmancy-sounding name or two.

In more extreme cases, there are wine snobs who have to prove to everyone else they’re wine snobs with a world-renowned wine snob diploma, aka the Master Sommelier Diploma. However, in order to officially receive this guru status, you first gotta pass the Master Sommelier Exam. And it’s really, really hard (like, less than 200 people in the entire world have passed.)

In Jason Wise’s first feature film SOMM, telling the story of four men’s journey to somehow learn everything they need to pass the “most difficult test you’ve NEVER heard of,” you will get a first-ever insider’s look at the intimidating process of this Sommelier exam that looks to be a very funny wine 101.

Not really having any idea this whole other level of wine knowledge and superiority even existed—let alone people dedicate years of their life trying to ace this seemingly impossible exam—I grew very curious about the whole phenomenon when I first heard about the documentary last January, and well, let’s just say I’m more than ready to see this movie!

So even if you’re like me and only know the wine basics (like, the very basics!), or maybe you just really love wine, SOMM looks like a funny, brilliant film that will most likely have the so-called “wine snobs” biting their tongue—and well, inevitably leave the wine-os thirsty for another one!

SOMM will debut in theaters and exclusively on iTunes on June 21st. For the latest on where the film will be screened and other news, follow @SOMM_FILM and give it a like on Facebook.

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