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Preview of new and long overdue San Francisco-based series Looking

San Francisco is as colorful as any city can get. In between all the giant hills, the cable cars, the drum circles, and the city’s foggy glory, there’s also the largest gay population in the country. And in a probably long overdue HBO dramedy series Looking, we get to see a unique experience of an often misrepresented subculture through the lives of three gay best friends living in the Mission neighborhood.

Filmed “from Castro and beyond,” the show has been in production since last month and has brought a lot of excitement to the city. It was actually Looking‘s actors who decided it be shot in the heart of SF to authenticate a real life cultural vibe, as the three men live life and search for love somewhere along the Bay.

Looking was created by Michael Lannan, is directed by Andrew Haigh, stars Jonothan Groff and Russell Tovey, along with Michael Lannan as a writer on board (known for working on Interior Leather Bar). It has been described as “more than just a gay TV show” by the SF Examiner, featuring cameos from locals such as Honey Mahogany from RuPaul’s Drag Race.

For anyone who knows just how SF likes to party, or if you’ve ever seen Weekend (written by Haigh), this one should be real good.

Looking will premiere Jan. 19 at 10:30 p.m on HBO.

(sources: Huff Post & SF Examiner)

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