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Peruvian x Japanese: food is art at NYC’s first Nikkei cuisine

You can always tell when a dish has been perfected in such a way that you almost feel bad eating it. And it’s another thing when that perfect presentation is accompanied by an amazing taste that mimics its chef’s art.

Both of those things remain true at a newish Peruvian x Japanese spot in Park Slope, Brooklyn where “Nikkei” has come to life in the newest Gastronomic phenomenon that recently popped in the Europe food scene.

Peru has the second largest ethnic Japanese population in South America, this community has made a significant cultural impact on the country since the Japanese first began to immigrate in the late 19th century. One of the most evident manifestations of their influence is of course Nikkei, the Japanese-Peruvian fusion food. The particular roots of this fusion lie in the significance both traditions give to fresh fish, as Japanese sushi, buoyed by Peru’s thriving fishing industry; it mixes perfectly with the ceviche which is at the center of many Peruvian menus. These flavor combinations bring together the best of the elegant and delicate cuisine of Japan, with the freshness and spicy punch of Peru. – Kizuna Nikkei

The dishes are small in size but perfect to share for two (also, plan on drinking some wine and beer while you journey through this menu).

Peruvian Calamari with blue corn, tamarind sauce: 

Braised Shortribs with sweet potato sauce, white asparagus, and cilantro:

Sake Passion with King Salmon, passion fruit, crispy gyoza skin, aguaymento: 

Fluke with sweet potato vinegar, tobiko, candied kiwicha, olive oil: 

Hamachi yellowtail, orange, ponzu, ajilimo, garlic brunoise: 

Black Sea Bass with octopus, scallops, shrimp, calamarim fried cassava, ikuna un haji Amarillo sauce:

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