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PACE NYC: Robert Mangold and James Franco thru May 3rd

Ahhh, New York. How your endless museums and excursion opportunities never leave me underwhelmed. And if you’re familiar with the city at all you’d know Chelsea is the go-to for art galleries on what seems like every corner and tucked away in between most avenues. So of course when I heard James Franco would be putting on his second exhibit at the PACE Gallery on 25th, I was like, “OMGZ!!!”, and strolled on over down 10th to see what was goin’ down.

The exhibit New Film Stills is a recreation of Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Stills from nearly 30 years ago. In a series of silver prints ranging in scale and size, Franco recreates the exact poses and clothing just as she did, making for an interesting collection nonetheless.

IMG_9292 (2)


Kinda fun! Just recreating some poses of Sherman via Franco in drag, two things I love a lot.

Alongside Sher-co there’s Robert Mangold’s geometrical and colorful exhibit of paintings that are actually a continuation of a series The Ring Paintings he had done previously in 2011 portraying this “Squaring the Circle” phenomenon.





If you’re in the hood stop on in, right off 10th on 25th. Franco and Mangold will be on display thru May 3rd.

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