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On missing Mad Men: looking back at the inevitable bittersweet ending to season six

“Ice cream castles in the air / and feather canyons everywhere / I’ve looked at clouds that way / but they only block the sun / they rain and snow on everyone”

In a way TV shows are a lot like relationships (duh), and with Mad Men it has gotten so serious that our time apart has really started to take a toll (and it’s still only August!)—I mean…how are we supposed to even go on knowing that Peggy is somewhere heartbroken in Brooklyn longing for Ted’s sweet lovin’ (see: sexy outfit above), or Megan’s stuck with having sacrificed her entire career while Don is probably off playing weird sexy games with Mrs. Sylvia (or let’s be serious, drinking alone)? It’s all just way too much to handle. And in a bittersweet finale to season six Don’s little games that have been broiling all season overheat to an alarming (and drunk) degree when the agency announces a group decision that he takes some “time off”. Which: AGREED! It’s like, just chill for a second, Donny; breathe in the fresh air for a bit. It’s not all sex and cocktails out there (OK, maybe it is)!

The finale ended in the middle-of-nowhere, Pennsylvania, where Don and the kids visit his old, dilapidated house (yes, the infamous whore house). There’s this moment of weird uncertainty among them—Sally, Gene, and Bobby, have no idea about anything in life, really (well, aside from Sally’s little run-in); they are just kids, after all. Which while we’re on the subject, Sally has been evolving into the classic case rebel child. I totally get it, too, because I’m basically Sally Draper ten years ago; the wanting-to-drink-and-smoke thing is typical at that age, especially given everything that’s happened up until this point. But now she’s suspended, and the idea of going away to  Miss Porter’s School in Farmington was nice while it lasted, but the reality is she’s coming home. And she holds some life-changing information that could make or break Megan and Don’s fate at any moment. Which: will Megan and Don make it? When Don brought up being “bi-coastal,” Megan was furious, mostly because of giving up her paid gig—because hello Don, there are Hollywood roles out there that need to be filled! But obviously Don thinks in one way and one way only: about Don (and his dick). We’ll see with them…last I remembered she walked out saying, “I don’t even know why we’re fighting for this,” and seemed serious about it.

Don’t forget this is all because Ted insisted on fleeing New York because he needed to escape the temptation of Peggy’s FutureSex/LoveSounds (but seriously) in fear of jeopardizing his family. “I love you that deeply. I can’t be around you. And I cant ruin all those lives.” Which: uch! Of course he had to have his way, too, by showing up at her apartment late that night. But really? Couldn’t he have just let it be? Typical man move. I’m hoping Peggy comes out on top from this and continues using her magnificence to, like Joan, become a future partner.

Meanwhile, Joan, aka Miss Rogue, has partnered up with Bob Benson aka the Talented Mr. Ripley, but not in a way that is really “normal.” Here you have Roger stopping by casually with presents, Bob feeding his baby wearing an apron—it was just wayyy too awkward (as if the holidays aren’t bad enough.) We’ll see how the whole mysterious Bob thing pans out; Pete seems to be on to him regarding the disappearance of his mother and those damned criminals after her money (and what the hell is up with that?). Let’s just say I’m anticipating the moment Bob Benson reveals his dark side and am definitely not fooled by his A-Game.

I will be missin’ Mad Men and have yet to find another show that peaks my excitement as much. I’d say roughly twice a day I contemplate what will happen next year, aka 1969, to Don Draper et al at (can you blame me?). But we’re all just gonna have to wait, because that’s the torturous world we live in. I’m willing to bet though that before you know it, we’ll be in the midst of March on the couch awaiting our 6th Ave. favs…


  • “It’s Detroit with palm trees.” – Don 
  • “I’m your daughter. What do I have to get on the list of girls you give money to?” – Margaret
  • “Well you know, it’s all fun and games, until they shoot ya in the face.” – Ken
  • “Joan’s known for having a lot of ‘buddies’.” – Roger
  • “Well I wouldn’t want to do anything immoral…” – Sally
  • “Nixon’s the president, everything’s back where Jesus wants it.” – Don
  • “Tell those pandemonium criminals they put her on ships arrest!” – Pete
  • “I’m going to have a sandwich at my desk. I need to get to it before you do.” – Stan
  • “Vixen by night!” – Harry
  • “He works in finance. And he hate with his hands. Not that it’s any of your business.” – Peggy
  • “I don’t know why women do anything.” – Ted
  • “She’s from a broken home.” – Betty
  • “I don’t want a scandal. I can wait.” – Peggy
  • “I need you to help me put 3,000 miles in between me and her or my life is over.” – Ted
  • “Closest I got from feeling wanted was from a girl who made me go through her john’s pockets.” – Don
  • “You want to be alone with your liquor, and your ex-wife, and your sick kids.” – Megan

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