OMG! Obama on Reddit

To be honest I hadn’t seen this one coming. The 2012 election, I mean (where does time go, really?). I remember back in 2008 like it was yesterday; the night Obama was elected there was something to be excited about (people were dancing in the streets)–that our country could be “saved” somehow from the downward spiral that was 2000-2008.

But this year’s 2012 race doesn’t have much for America to be excited about (it’s been rough!); this election seems just another binary competition amongst, you guessed it, the democrats and republicans. Basically version 2.0 of 2008, with Romney [and his Republican army of really, um, “smart” people, like Todd Akin (just kidding Paul Ryan thought women could prevent their own pregnancies) and Paul Ryan] on the ballot.

So what better way to get the better half of the United States (well, maybe not half) excited as campaign time nears other than on Reddit? Meaning: yes, Obama actually got on the popular site and answered people’s questions in a Q&A forum live from Charlottesville, VA, and memes and animated GIFs were had (BuzzFeed sums it all up perfectly). Regardless of whether or not this really did anything for Obama’s election cred, I’m not sure. He covered about 200 hundred questions total, discussing important topics on the democratic platform such as web freedom and the space program.

Whatever the case may be, Reddit’s server’s crashed and Obama did reveal the White House would be coming out with their own craft beer in the near future (he “can tell from first hand experience, it is tasty”). The President also said his Reddit experience was “NOT BAD!”, and we hope to hear from him again soon.

(via Tonic)

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