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Microsoft’s new Surface tablets sure do look yummy

Microsoft continues to impress us over and over again since their unleashing of the Windows Phone at CES, and now after another period of waiting for their next announcement, at Microsoft’s press event today in LA they proudly unveiled their tablet “that’s a unique expression of entertainment and creativity,” and creates a whole new world of computing: Microsoft Surface.

The Surface tablet is 9.33mm thin–able to support a USB plug–and its main focus is “hands off entertainment” with a 10.6″, 16:9 HD display featuring Microsoft’s ClearType HD Display technology. There’s even a micro DS card slot for your own photo and video integration. Oh, and the best part? There’s a keyboard (touch screen haters, rejoice)! The Surface comes with a kcikstand and a 3mm thin keyboard with a pressure sensitive cover. Another bonus: not one, but two cameras: the LifeCam for convenient Skyping, and the 22 degree rear-facing LifeCam for recording meetings or videos hands-free.

Overall Microsoft’s Surface design is the answer to all of your to-go needs, in a slick, compact design that comes in a variety of colors to match your style (with a keyboard! Take that, Apple!). We’re more than pleased with the design, but no exact pricing has been released. It is said Microsoft’s Surface is expected to be in competition with Intel’s Ultrabooks or the ARM tablet.

(via The Verge & Microsoft Surface)

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