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Let Lamarca be your new Prosecco go-to

I like my wine like I like my humor: VERY dry. And when it comes to Prosecco, I accidentally came across this new favorite Lamarca (its name derived from the La Marca Trevigiana zone) while out at Market Wine Bar in Cleveland. I was with my mom at the time and we both fell in love with this crisp, dry white that’s best paired with, well, if you’re like us, pretty much everything. The label is unmistakable with its light blue look and SURPRISE: it’s not $1,000. In fact, at the 7th Avenue Wine Liquor Bar in Brooklyn had it on sale for $14 (so if you get lucky like me with the price, you might as well buy 2-3 more because you’re going to be addicted). It’s just so. Darn. Delicious. Thinking about sipping that bubbly right now, actually…

(sources: LamarcaFashionista Barista)

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