Kosher brunch at BASIL NY

If one neighborhood is popping up with new food spots at an alarming rate it’s definitely Crown Heights in Brooklyn. The latest? Chef Jose Soto’s BASIL that’s filled with flavors you’ve only dreamed about (seriously).

And now in the unveiling of a new brunch menu there is much to look forward to come the weekend, including a truffle omelette that has me in heavy withdraws as of late. The views alone are enough to visit BASIL, but the food will have you longing for your next visit to Crown Heights.

Even the bread and butter is fancy:

Spanish tortillas with charmoula and pickled red onions:

The truffle omelette of your gosh darn dreams:

Kosher burger that impresses:

Wood-grilled oyster mushroom pizza perfect for sharing (or you know, finishing by yourself because you’re a darn adult):

Pt II, fried egg edition:

Carrot butter as a surprise mid-meal dish that melts in your mouth:

Oh, and cannot forget the chocolate cheesecake (with truffle!) for dessert:

You can devour all of this for yourself or with friends for Basil NY brunch for the best taste of your life, head to the Brooklyn area for the next best brunch of your life.

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