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Korean meets Japanese in Chelsea Market’s MOKBAR NYC

Nooooodles. Is there any other food you crave more on the regular than some ramen? In Chelsea Market on 9th Ave. there is much to be excited about including Chef Esther’s mŏkbar, which combines the two styles of Korean soup and Japanese Ramen.

My foodie partner in crime Moodyfoodyadventures and I of course had to stop in for cold noodles in this scorching summer hotness—which is a perfect way to break up your day if you’re in Chelsea or are just in need of a new scene for your lunch break.

I recommend starting with a “Ho Cake” (my first one by the way) which is basically a fried crispy bun with pork belly-filled goodness served with kimchi pear puree dipping sauce on the side:

You can imagine how wonderful the views actually were after our destined feast of the cold *green tea* ramen with garlic shrimp, pickled shiitake, and cucumber kimchi came out:

If you can’t make it for lunch, Mok Bar turns into a seasonal special come dinnertime where chefs can freshly prepare meals right in front of their guests. Stop in at Chelsea Market for a “unique noodle experience“.

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