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“It’s all up in the air”: Mad Men season 7 is coming, and things look pretty groovy

Remember when Don asked Megan if she wanted to be bi-coastal and she sort of freaked out? Well it looks like there was a change of heart in the upcoming season 7 trailer that previews a left AND right coast perspective of things. And dang, baby, doesn’t it look all sorts of groovy:

1) First of all, HELLO Betty (even though she’s ALWAYS been the grooviest secretly, I mean, c’mon: what other mother lets their daughter smoke ciggs in the car at such a ripe young age?)


2) Rog, checkin’ out some young tale (so…nothing’s changed. And thank GOD!)


3) Sally and the ‘rents, SO ready to go illegally purchase bottles, smoke cigarettes, and hangout with troublemaker hippie rebel boys (probably).


4) Powerful. Independent. True. Brave (except when it comes to knives, mice, and you know, fixing things). Sexy (who could forget THAT DRESS?). Peggy’s come a long way, and I’m SO ready for her to be boss.


Will Megan ever her big time Hollywood role? Or…? I just want her to be happy (SUCH A BEAUT!). She didn’t seem sold on the LA/NY bi-coastal idea initially, but I think some part-time LA-Land will change her.


Mad Men will premiere its season 7 on Sunday, April 13th on AMC. Watch a little teaser here:

(via Vanity Fair; photos via Tom & Lorenzo)

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