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Is reality television so 2007? CBS’ 3 has the most disappointing premiere ratings for the network to date

What Vulture is calling the “reality recession,” here we are in a time when TV has spun into its many definite types of cliques (and cults!), but we have to ask: where did all of the reality dating shows go? I mean the good ones. Of course there are still the longstanding shows like ABC’s The Bachelorette, but the past few years reality TV has been spiraling downward.

For instance: remember 2007? Yes, when Bret Michaels was starring in Cris Abrego and Mark Cronin’s Rock of Love that got much controversy as it displayed women in somewhat of a trashy light (i.e.: the fake tits and the drunk fighting and the um… interesting conversations had when the ladies finally got Bret all to themselves). It’s hard to see why someone wouldn’t want to watch the chaos enfold–and it’s no surprise Rock of Love was actually one of VH1’s mos top-rated series to date, reaching around 3.5 million viewers (who doesn’t love watching a bunch of drunk chicks make themselves look like idiots trying to get with the lead singer of Poison? It’s pure comedic gold).

But after CBS’ failed numbers for their latest reality dating show this past Sunday, it seems reality TV is on the decline as the premiere marked the lowest ratings for a demo on the network…ever. Which could mean the immediate cancellation of 3 as soon as the end of the day. However this all could be because of the Olympics, too. The show has much to compete alongside pretty much the most-watched event worldwide.

Now we’re not saying VH1 should do a part IV of Flava Flav’s The Flavor of Love, but maybe someone could bring back some of the more exciting and hilarious parts of these shows, instead of the ongoing reality show snooze.

(via Vulture)

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