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Is it time for a new HAIM album yet?

So first of all before I start this article let me preface that Kylie Minogue is the best guest DJ ever (see: her iTunes Radio DJ Session), and I am so happy I decided to trust the pop star’s taste in rocking out because one of the songs on her tracklist was from my new favorite girl band HAIM whose “Days Are Gone” quickly became my life anthem, eventually leading to me purchasing the girls’ first full-length album of the same name (THAT F*CKING ROCKS!).

I have listened to the 12 songs over 30 times no joke, and still not sick of the Los Angeles based three sister trio who told Rolling Stone they plan on releasing a follow up very soon, but like, NOT SOON ENOUGH cuz I’m in need of some fresh HAIM beats.

The girls Alana, Danielle, and Este also noted how they’re “pretty much the biggest perfectionists,” and look up to Kanye West when it comes to their creative process, always “trying to get [their] inner Kanyes out.”

Days Are Gone Tracklist: (***= favorites)

1. “Falling”
2. “Forever”
3. “The Wire”
4. “If I Could Change Your Mind” ***
5. “Honey & I”
6. “Don’t Save Me” ***
7. “Days Are Gone” ***
8. “My Song 5”
9. “Go Slow” ***
10. “Let Me Go”
11. “Running If You Call My Name”

(photo via NME)

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