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In no particular order: 18 Instagram accounts you should be following

1. NASA Goddard: @nasa_goddard

FF Insta 1

It’s easy to forget about vast celestial wonders of infinite space when we’re caught up in the daily grind, so it’s always nice to take a break and escape via NASA’s perfect gallery of anything from rocket ship takeoff to blue and gold cosmic caterpillars.

2. Earth Pics: @pics_earth

FF Insta 2

Is it weird that I make future travel plans based on Earth Pics’ Twitter account? Well the same can be said for their Instagram, which shows the many hidden gems / wonders of the world. This one? En route to the Hogwarts on the Western Massachusetts Scenic Railroad.

3. Canon Photos: @canon_official

FF Insta 3

I. Love. Canon. I’ve always been prone to purchasing their cameras since my first 35mm Minolta, and well, maybe I’m bias in saying you should follow their Instagram. They do daily features (tag #canon_official) which is pretty cool, too. Just look at this adorable shot by @canahtam!

4. SOMM Behind the Scenes: @somm_film

FF Insta 4

If you love wine and gorgeous landscapes of vineyards from around the world, the SOMM Documentary Instagram is a perfect blend of impressive shots of footage from the film and future wine-related projects that WARNING: might leave you drooling.

5. SoulPancake: @soulpancake

FF Insta 5

It’s been fun watching Rainn Wilson’s Soul Pancake project grow from its launch in 2010, and over time I’ve grown to love their engaging and creative Instagrams that are interestingly thought provoking.

6. Jenny Johnson: @jennyjohnsonhi5

FF Insta 6

Maybe it’s because she’s god damn hilarious, but when Jenny Johnson meets Instagram you have a very funny feed of news stories accompanied by laugh out loud captions and her two golden retriever dogs that are always adorable.

7. Sunset Madness: @sunset_madness

FF Insta 7

OK whatever, I’m a sucker for a gorgeous sunset. Sunset Madness has seemed to perfect the idea of sharing and bringing together a global community of Instagrammers who hashtag #sunset_madness_ (it used to be just #sunset_madness but the extra underscore was added to filter out spammers).

8. The Verge: @verge

FF Insta 8

FINALLY The Verge established their Instagram the other week (I’ve been waiting). And I expect nothing but delicious tech-ness and pure geekery from the people over at SB Nation’s Verge (see: yummy C100 twins above).

9. City Best Pics: @citybestpics

FF insta 9

Another daily feature Instagram account I love: City Best Pics (but I’m also a sucker for urban landscapes). City Best Pics will take you to cities all over the world and I swear it will have you testing your own geography skills.

10. Major League Baseball: @mlb

FF INsta 15

Unless you’re not a baseball fan, maybe don’t follow Major League Baseballbut if you’re into some hilarious (and sometimes heartbreaking) photos of fans and teammates in action, then follow—cause well, you see Tito Francona doing his thing!

11. Chef Jonathan Sawyer: @chefsawyer

FF INsta 10

How can you not love one of America’s most innovative chefs Jonathan Sawyer? He owns some of the most top notch restaurants in Cleveland and is always posting Insta deliciousness. Take this yummy-looking Lake Perch with PK Plums, house cultured buttermilk artichoke emulsion and Blue Label.

12. Pugs of Instagram: @pugsofinstagram

FF INsta 12

I’m a sucker for an adorable pug, and in the case of SUPER cute pugs you have the Pugs of Instagram account that makes not only sad and wishing I could trade in my cat (kidding), but wanting one of these scrunchy-face nuggets of my own.

13. I’m Lil BUB: @iamlilbub

FF INsta 13

OMG, well there couldn’t be a cute dog account on the list without an adorable CAT on the list, so I leave you with Lil BUB: maybe the cutest and most photogenic feline on Instagram.

14. Nicolee Drake: @cucinadigitale

FF Insta 14

This Rome-based photographer is one of the first accounts I followed, and believe me when I say there’s a reason 1,400 pictures later I’m still following Nicolee Drake. Expect anything from adorable vintage VW bugs and ancient Roman architecture stretching the way to the Italian oceanside, making you wish you were in Italy, too.

15. Tony Hawk: @tonyhawk

Tony Hawk Centre Pomp

Uhhh seriously I’m convinced there’s no one else who travels more than Tony Hawk. One second he’s on the Santa Monica Pier, and the next thing you know he’s chillin’ at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Lots of fun here.

16. Randall Slavin: @randallslavin

Charlize Theron

I dunno if it’s because he is Charlize Theron’s photographer, or because he got to shoot the cast of Mad Men, but I adore Randall Slavin’s shot.

17. Los Angeles County Museum of Art: @LACMA


LACMA is one of the coolest museums we have in the US, and their Instagram is a well-kept gallery of previous and upcoming exhibits (James Turrell shown above from the Turrell: A Retrospective exhibit).

18. VICE: @vice

FF Insta 16

VICE usually kills it in all regards of the Interweb (and most recently their TV series), so it’s no surprise to find a bunch of hilarious posts and f*cking awesome images on their Instagram (hi Terry Richardson!). Shot by Conor Lamb at NYFW.

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