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HBO Scorsese-Jagger production about the 1970s music biz in New York is going to be badass

I moved to New York City on the notion that this city was raw: it was a place for young aspiring artists of all talents to retreat to and live out their dreams (or some shit). But as one year passed by before my eyes, I realized NYC was becoming this really expensive place to live (OK, it was this really expensive place to live). It didn’t feel like Woody Allen’s Manhattan; heck, Manhattan is basically dead inside to me—with a lot of city originals closing by the day, and no one even being able to afford to live there except Donald Trump and Taylor Swift. It was like: the real New York had diminished into this corporate monopolization that meant Duane Reades would now replace dive bars.

But believe it or not New York used to be really badass (and dangerous!). The neighborhoods you know now as posh-y (i.e.: Chelsea) were steered clear from back in the day; the new storefronts and hotels you see popping up used to shine with record stores and dirty punk clubs. Which is why this new untitled and exciting long-in-the-works production produced by Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger about the 1970s music biz in New York is going to be so good.

HBO will air the untitled project, apparently in the works for a while now, and it is being described as the “drug and sex-fueled music business as punk and disco were breaking out”. So, in sum: the show is going to be fucking awesome. Even better: Bobby Cannavale will star as the show’s main character—President of American Century Records—and Olivia Wilde will co-star as his wife. There are no official announcements for a release or even filming dates, making this all a very frustrating thing for those fans keeping up with the news on this forthcoming show expected to bring nothing but realness.

(source: Rolling Stone; photo via Uritraxx)

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