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Go Go Power Rangers!: new movie in the works from Lionsgate

This planet is under attack!

There’s going to be a Power Rangers movie. There’s going to be a Power Rangers movie! Lionsgate Studio, who is behind the Hunger Games, announced today that it would be the one to take on this, uhhh, SUPER PRIVILEGED task of bringing back my a show that had my friends and I pretending for YEARS that we too were the Rangers (of course my favorite was the Pink Ranger and if ever “playing” I would insist on having to be the Pink Ranger because there was just no dancing around that).

Now, there is no real way to ever know how exactly how a Power Rangers movie will pan out this early in the game (is there ever?), but I mean seriously how the hell can you mess up Power Rangers? It’s just so naturally cool: a bunch of teenagers from Angel Grove (with attitude!) who have been given special ancient powers to save the world from a futuristic time-traveling crimelord Queen Rita Repulsa from the year 3000? Kind of hard to mess that up, you guys.

The original crew back in the day was: Trini the Yellow Ranger (Thuy Trang), Zack the Black Ranger (Walter Jones), Billy the Blue Ranger (David Yost), Jason the Red Ranger (Austin St. John), and of course, every pre-teen kid in the 90s first crush ever: KIMBERLY, the Pink Ranger (Amy Jo Johnson).

I am absolutely DYING to know the cast, especially who will play Rita Repulsa.


So yes, this is all very exciting and the fact nothing else but the mere knowledge that the film is going to someday be made makes it seem far. And next time you’re on a late-night online shopping spree, hit up Amazon to add the original Power Rangers to your cue. Do it, do it, do it!

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