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GIRLS season 1 finale “She Did”: “Your dreams are not what you thought they’d be”

No matter how weird our friends might be and no matter how dumb the decisions they make are, through it all we have to love them for it. And that’s exactly the case in a very unexpected season 1 finale of Girls.

All of the characters have done sort of a 180 so to speak: Hannah, after all these months of chasing Adam and telling people he’s her boyfriend, he shows one critical moment of affection towards her—saying he loved her—and she freaks out into this weird denial of his feelings for her (and then gets hit by a car), a completely normal thing a lot of girls do. Meanwhile Adam’s character is really starting to unravel into what might actually be the perfect guy for Hannah after all (we forgive him for the peeing in the shower incident); we appreciate his little spiels and words of wisdom.

Then you have Jessa, who two episodes ago was about to hook up with the kids she nannies for’s dad, surprise marrying the creepy Thomas guy who tried having a threesome with her and Marnie after a couple weeks of knowing the guy (and hating him initially). But we don’t see this as any sort of true love, and think Jessa’s interest in Thomas’ “travel and finance” can be translated into another “free ride.” “I feel like I’m sleeping on a rosebud,” she says, so at least she’s happy (though a bit delusional).

Marnie has been growing more careless, as any girl would try to be after losing her longterm boyfriend and moving out on her own (well, into Shoshanna’s studio). You’d think she’d be the one to judge harshly for Jessa marrying Thomas (she was the one who wanted him first, after all), but she drinks her champagne, sort of just accepting this whole weirdly awkward, unexpectedness, taking it with a grain of salt. We were sort of bummed she didn’t “sit on the sink” and let Charlie “fuck [her] really quickly,” though–we’ll see where those two end up (and that guy who she made out with at the end of the wedding was a total weirdo–“Ladles and Gentlebeams,” really?).

And how about the odd couple of the season: Shoshanna and Ray? The perfect match? We knew Ray had some sort of secret thing for Shoshanna (and they’re both a little “out there”), but we didn’t see this coming at all. As Shoshanna was sulking in fashion misery–dwelling on the fact she wore white to the wedding–Ray came over and asked her what was wrong and somehow then convinced her to shack for the night. Shoshanna agrees, as long as Ray “stay[s] out of [her] emotional way.”

HBO picked up Girls for another season of 10 episodes, but no premiere dates for season 2 have been announced (that’s why there’s HBO On Demand). We’re more than happy with the evolution of characters in season 1, and we think Lena Dunham does an extraordinary job highlighting a lot of the realer (though not always glamorous) experiences contemporary 20-somethings go through–whether those experiences are as extreme as getting peed on in the shower by you boyfriend, or maybe even making out wine drunk with your best friend.


  •  “You don’t need to be like, a hero about this” —Hannah
  • “Don’t waste time on guilt.” —Adam
  • “Stay as long as you want. Stay forever!” —Shoshanna
  • My throat just feels very allergic and scratchy” —Hannah
  • “Please come to the most important party of my life” —Jessa’s mass text
  • “When you came to my house with flowers, I was prepared to call the special victims unit” —Jessa
  • “Time is a rubber band” —Adam
  • “Your dreams are not what you thought they’d be” –Jessa
  • “You’re so fucking gross lying there on the bathroom floor” —Jessa
  • “Hi, J-Lo at the Grammys” —Elijah 
  • “Come into my arms, Rapunzel” —Thomas
  • “What do people even do at weddings?” —Charlie 
  • “Everyone’s a dumb whore” —Shoshanna
  • “People touching as they sway. It’s very annoying” —Ray
  • “Let’s just consider it water under…my vagina” —Hannah
  • I’m a beautiful fucking mystery for you” –Adam

(photo via Vulture)

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