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GET BUCKETS: the Cavs pull through in OT against the defending NBA champs

I cherish the moments I get to watch the Cavs in these crucial and intense end-of-season games that are nationally televised (ALWAYS MISSIN’ THE CLEVE! S/O to Sports Time Ohio!) while I’m out on the East Coast (where I’m always hearing jabber about the Knicks’ disappointment, echoed by some asshole guy in a Pats jersey talking shit about how Boston’s the best, and CONSTANTLY being surrounded by Yankees hats).

Last night’s game vs. NBA’s defending champions the San Antonio Spurs was such a key moment in the Cavs’ playoff future, it really showed what the guys are capable of under pressure and also what an INCREDIBLE basketball player Kyrie Irving is; I think everyone really saw that, even LeBron was looking all like, “Aight, I got my guy.” Charles Barkley had commented at one point in the game that this match up had been one of the greatest he’s ever seen in person.

Both sides of the court moved together building up this INSANE intensity felt similarly in a late playoff game. It was like 2007 all over again, minus all of the partying and alcohol (I was alone in my apartment). But you really got to hand it to the Cavs, given their situation that was quickly altered from the “perfect” team that had been put together almost miraculously by the Cleveland Sports Gods. As we all know, there is really no such thing as perfect. Given of course the newness of this team, second: the unexpected injury of Anderson Varejao (not to mention LeBron and Kyrie having to take time off), THEN adding Smith and Shumpert to the mix; it’s just all so new and it’s kind of surreal the Cavs’ record is as good as it is, likely ruling out any other contenders in the East for a…WAIT FOR IT… championship ring for CLEVELAND! Like, the Cavs have a chance to win it all!

So I hope the Cleveland haters from the first half of the season found a good hiding spot, cuz now Cavs are in BEAST MODE and they are ready to attack. GET BUCKETS.

Here is what I took away from the Battle of San Antonio:

1. Kyrie might not actually be a human being.

2. You can’t just take Kawhi’s stupid bullshit.

3. The Cavs had Tony Parker feelin’ some typa way.

4. The Parker vs Irving / LeBron vs Leonard rivalry was fun.

5. JR Smith just continues to be the ray of sunshine that he is even though he got a T.

6. No matter what, Iman Shumpert has perfect hair.

7. Mozzy just keeps on surprising.

8. Whenever Tristan Thompson plays, good stuff happens.

9. Some key free-throws were missed, and that’s OK.

10. Kevin Love is actually never allowed to sit on the bench ever again, alright? I already miss him enough as it is.

(photo via NY Post)

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