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UrbanSpace’s Garment District location now open

UrbanSpace is known for its city pop-ups all around town like of course my much-loved MadSqEats and their Garment District location off of Broadway / 41st street that recently opened again for its fall series this past week. The two block or so-long space includes a long list of heavy-hitting food items including Domo Taco‘s Japanese Nacho tots that are just the greatest tots you’ll ever consume in this lifetime, probably.


Not too far down the street there’s countless options for some worldwide food experiences, including Big Papa Smokem that’s traveling pop-up serves THE best (no, I’m not exaggerating), like *THE* best BBQ I’ve had since my visit to Austin. I definitely recommend getting the ribs (and so does the little cow; he actually was the one who MADE me get them!).


Dessert-wise there are of course the standard staples like macaroons and gelato, but something in my bones had me longing for those churros con chocolate at Taco Bono, a delightful treat that’s like if a chocolate heaven were to melt in your mouth but it wasn’t just chocolate it was a chocolately churro heaven that’s like no other one you have experienced.

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UrbanSpaces has the Garment District market open until October 24th.

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