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The movie Frozen is for everyone, we don’t care how old you are

“Only true love can thaw a frozen heart”

Imagine if like Midas everything you touched turned to…ice and snow? Maybe not the most convenient of mediums, but this superpower is not accidental for soon-to-be-Queen of Arendelle Anna (Kristen Bell), who is cursed with the inevitable power of cold.

And while you’d think being able to freeze off potential enemies might actually be kind of fun, Anna’s icy touch poses serious danger when as a young girl Anna accidentally freezes her sister Elsa’s (Idina Menzel) head while building a snowman, forcing her family to seek the curing remedies of mystical trolls.

The gates of their castle are shut closed after a tragic accident killing both Anna and Elsa’s parents shortly following the mishap, and the two girls are forced into separation in fear of Anna’s powers growing out of control. There’s hope however when the gates are opened for the first time once again to honor Anna as Queen, and Elsa’s happy heart is warmed with the company of those filling the empty halls (because what is a ballroom without any balls?).

As it sometimes goes, sisters will be sisters and Anna can’t seem to tame her temper, accidentally freezing over the entire town into an eternal winter when scolding happy-go-lucky Elsa. Quickly realizing her freezing hands are a lot more serious than she had initially expected, Anna escapes to hide away in a castle in the mountains leaving her sister behind.

Anna’s disappearance turns into an epic adventure for Elsa as she seeks help from a rugged mountain man Krisoff (who by the way is voiced by Jonathan Groff from Looking!) and his loyal reindeer Sven (HINT: she may or may not fall madly in love with this said man) as they trek up the mountain to. Oh, and a hilarious snowman named Olaf (Josh Gad) hops along for the ride, adding a lot of funny side commentary that you can’t help but laugh along to.

Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee’s Frozen was probably my favorite animated movie all year. You have a thread of music as each character breaks out into their own song, along with the funny and adventurous sub-stories throughout making this story fun and cute for seriously anyone (I’d say at the theater ages ranged anywhere from 5-85). Plus, the animation makes for an undeniably magical experience.

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