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From Italy to NYC: prosciutto burgers at JONNY PANINI

I have to say, something about those Italians—they just *know*. I can’t put my finger on it, but whenever I meet someone from Italy in the food industry the passion is so contagious. And that is exactly what I felt when meeting Jonny, owner of JONNY’S PANINI in Hell’s Kitchen.

It’s not only panini passion either; the authenticity of Italian tradition makes sure to include the whole package: espresso drinks, pastries, and well—so many paninis! The selections are pretty much infinite, and the way JP’s fluffy bread is grilled flat to squeeze together combos like Grilled Veggie, Ham et Mozzarella, Eggplant Caponata, Turkey et Avocado, and the much-loved PROSCIURGER – aka Hell’s Kitchen’s finest sammy with a featured homemade prosciutto patty, lettuce tomato, and pretzel bun.

The shop is located conveniently by Penn Station; there are plenty of trains nearby to get your panini on, a coffee from Brooklyn Roasting Co., or maybe just to stop and say hi to Jonny, who is as lovable as ever and probably one of the funniest panini shop-comedians I have ever met (not to mention, makes some *pretty* awesome sandwiches).


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