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For sale: 125 meteorite and moon chunks, slightly used

Just how much are all of those rocks floating around, traveling at hundreds of thousands of miles per hour in space worth? Well, more than you might think. And at an auction in New York City funded on by Dallas-based organization Heritage Auctions, some of the most noted meteorites that have landed here on Earth are now for sale. Yup. On October 14th you can own your choice of a piece the following (prices ranging from the cost of a car all the way to my entire college education, of course):

The Peekskill Meteorite: crashed into a Chevy Malibu back in 1992 in Manhattan. Probably not the best surprise to come flying through at the time, but a valuable crash nevertheless.  Price: $47,500 to $55,000

The Moon Rock: out of all the choices I’d probably pick that of a piece of Mr. Moon. Which is why this one is the most expensive. Price: $340,000 to $380,00.

The Scream: The rock consigner Darryl Pitt says The Scream “is sculpted in part by atmospheric entry and most significantly by its exposure to the elements on earth over millennia.” A truly amazing piece of the Universe found in the Kalahari Desert. Price: $175,000 to $225,000.

Pitt said he, “wanted something for everyone,” and pretty much aimed to gather all those who find these artifacts fascinating at one giant event. There will be a lot of smaller-scale meteorites selling below $10 thousand, but the majority are way up there.

(via The Sacramento Bee; photo via Meteor Lab) 

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