Foo Fighters had a big week…somehow

The Foo Fighters have suddenly become old white people’s latest erroneous answer to “what the kids are listening to nowadays,” after appearing at both the DNC and Apple’s iPhone 5 shindig. The whole thing has become a devastating equation of whiteness.

Old white people think other  young white people love the Foo Fighters when in reality virtually 0 young white people aren’t that crazy about the Foo Fighters anymore…except for very, very white National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.  It’s whiteception. And I guess it’s to be understood. The Foo Fighters are still making occasionally decent music, but their last big megahit came back in 1999, which means Apple CEO Tim Cook and Obama Chief of Staff David Axelrod should be learning about their existence right about now.

At the end of the day, however, I think we can all agree that despite the natural apex of a decade-long sell-out, Dave Grohl is still the man.

(photo via CNN)

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