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Family Guy wifey Alex Borstein stars in new HBO comedy Getting On

“They know their business”

I guess one bonus of paying for premium cable is we get another new show from the creators of Big Love called Getting On based off of the BBC series of the same name. It centers around the run-down Billy Barnes Extended Care Unit in Long Beach where a bunch of overworked nurses and doctors attain to their older than old patients (more specifically, the female patients who are constantly “getting on”—in years, that is).

Alex Borstein (Lois Griffin on Family Guy) plays Nurse Dawn, with Laurie Metcalf (Roseanne) as the stick-up-her-ass Dr. Jenna James. Niecy Nash (Reno 911) and Mel Rodriguez (Community) are also regulars on the show. Each character’s personal quirks and life is constantly interfering with challenges of the healthcare bureaucracy’s less than ideal circumstances, making it seemingly impossible to do 100% good at their jobs.

Many dark comedic realities enfold throughout the ongoing care of the elders in the run-down Southern California geriatric unit, and the show has been described as one with “a lot of heart” and “unexpected moments of tenderness.”

Getting On premieres Sunday, November 24th at 10PM on HBO.

(photo via Hollywood.com)

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