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Every nineties kids’ dream: pt. II of SLC Punk underway

“The sun never sets on the British Empire… well the sun never sets on my a*shole.”

PUNK IS DEAD! OK fine, maybe not totally. But for every kid who grew up in the nineties and enjoyed SLC Punk (and spent the better part of their youth living out those very punk rock ways), you will be happy to know that the classic is coming back with a sequel Punk’s Dead (that started as an Indie GoGo pitch!).

The cast includes Devon Sawa, Annabeth Gish, Adam Pascal, and costume design is looking good with Punk’s Dead mastermind Fiora Bee.


This should be funny, considering the evolution of punk and the ever increasing punk sub genres (18 years later, you guys!!!).

And just like, don’t be a total poser, alright?

(via SLC Punk 2: Punk’s Dead)

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