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Emily loves pizza, and pizza loves Emily

Mmmmm…pizza. Really good pizza. Like: super, really good awesome pizza (and sandwiches!). Sounds pretty perfect, right?

In the pt. II venture of EMILY in Clinton Hill, just the thought of Williamsburg’s new-ish pizza joint EMMY SQUARED makes my stomach growl reminiscing the flavors of this epic bar/restaurant.

I recommend starting with a Negroni, not only because Negronis are the best, but because Emmy Squared isn’t messing around with the gin cocktail right on tap:

While pizza is definitely one of the more popular reasons to visit such a place, Emmy Squared’s sandwiches are equally good of an option. I was particularly a fan of this incredible Chicken Parmesan sammy with tomato sauce, mozz, and basil:


During the week for lunch and also on weekends (did somebody say Weekend Burger Bar?) you can grab this yummy take on the Big Mac, aka Le Big Matt burger:


Oh, I forgot. The *PIZZA*. I had to go with “The Emmy” (for obvious reasons) with mozzarella, banana peppers, onions, and ranch:


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