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Don’t worry, little Earthlings, you’re safe from any sort of giant asteroid wiping us out (for now)

Oh boy. In the case of end of the world theories, it’s always a little painful to think about what could be. Because who really knows? But it’s always a little more striking to hear of scientific evidence that Asteroid 2012 DA14, capable of wiping out a good chunk of our precious little blue and green marble full of life, is coming within 22,200 miles of us in 4 days. But it’s OK, ’cause we’ll probably be at work or sleeping or doing whatever it is we do to even think about the bloody thing; luckily the 150-foot asteroid’s diameter won’t effect us at all.

To give you a little perspective of 22,200 feet: well, let’s just say satellites operate further outwards into space than this bad boy’s expected path. Meaning: there is a slight chance we could be somewhat effected, if by chance it comes into contact with the buoyant floating devices.

It’s crazy to think that at any moment a catalytic collision could end our days very, very suddenly (like, look what happened to the dinosaurs!), and considering this is the closest one has come to Earth in a generation, we are very, very lucky to still be spinnin’ ’round here.

An even larger asteroid is on its way towards us in 2036 as well, but scientists confirmed its distance is too far to grow worrisome.

You can’t see the asteroid pass by with the naked eye, but if you have binoculars or a telescope you’ll be able to see mineral-filled view the giant rock. Oh yeah. The catch: you gave to be in either Indonesia, Eastern Europe, Asia or Australia to have a chance at viewing this thing. So better book your plane ticket now if you want to make it in time.

(source: LA Times)

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