Did Mitt Romney get a spray tan?

Mitt Romney has been making the top headlines quite frequently as of late, and boy do I love reading about this guy’s commentary. But this time it’s a little bit different, this time the guy has dyed his face brown in attempt to… um… captivate the Latino audience at his latest appearance on Univision. Because you know, dying your skin makes you less of a terrible human being. After all, Romney did say in secret in his raw and uncut video released by Mother Jones that it would have helped to be of Latino descent, so I’m not for one second doubting he got a little tint fix before the show to make it seem like he was sorda Latino (just call him Juan Romney!).

His campaign, currently trailing 40% behind the Prez in the Latino support group, is a sure sign this coloration proves meaningless. A lot like his whole campaign in general.

Wake me up when it’s all over.

(via The Huff Post; photo via Gawker)

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