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Cocktails at ARORA in New York City’s “Golden Triangle” on Park Ave

“So, let’s raise a toast to the times gone by, while we aspire to rebuild a better world for tomorrow, right here, together, in the world city, New York City!” 

The first time I walked into ARORA – L’art Du Cocktail, a British x French bar and restaurant, I knew there was something special about it. Not only did the place feel simply elegant at first glance, but the cocktail menu wasn’t too shabby either—come to find out: this is one of the only true cocktail bars located directly on Manhattan’s famous Park Avenue, known primarily for its 10 mile stretch of residential buildings and some of the most prestigious businesses in the world including JP Morgan, Maserati, UBS, Ferrari, and Blackstone. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are some bars pretty close to and even some restaurants on Park Ave, but no other *true* craft cocktail bar exists on Park Ave above 57th Street really which was an absolute shock to me when I inquired more about the bar’s origination. 

I chose my drink based on liquor *and* the name, so ended up drinking one of the most popular choices “The Ginsberg”: tequila, mezcal, cayenne pepper, pineapple, turmeric.

If you happen to be in Midtown near the “Golden Triangle” aka where The Upper East Side meets Midtown East on none other than Park Ave, definitely make a visit for a drink perhaps after some shopping at Bloomingdale’s, staying at the Loews Regency nearby, or maybe on your way to Gapstow Bridge or a very important business meeting…

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