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CLAW $: old school NYC graffiti artist’s LES shop

The Lower East Side is no stranger to street art; murals, tags, and symbols appearing in the ‘hood is second nature to New Yorkers. But one particular graffiti artist CLAW $ aka Claudia “Claw” Gold’s iconic graffiti claw seen along Delancey Street drew my attention just because, well, they look really f’n sweet.

photo (26)

But what I didn’t realize was that behind years of being famous in the prominently male-dominated NYC graffiti scene, CLAW $ has also opened a store Claw & Co. featuring custom apparel boasting her well-known claw logo art and other goodies (did somebody say custom FILA and cute weed leaf claw bumper stickers?!?).

Next time you’re in the LES stop by the shop at 101 Delancey (or you know, just drop your entire next paycheck on that Clawmoji Snapback you know you secretly really want on the website). To keep up with the latest and for your daily dose of entertainment follow CLAW $ on Instagram / Twitter / Facebook.


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