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Birdman review: Yes, it’s going to be your favorite movie of the year

When I heard about Birdman actually potentially being really freaking awesome it was because one of the few friends I actually trust in movie recs told me to see it, so of course I make a point to get to viewing the film big screen style starring Michael Keaton coming back as the legendary hero actor we know as Riggan Thomas aka The BIRDMAN himself (for those of you who don’t know: a former star of a superhero movie), and it’s all sorts of great.


You have Emma Stone, playing the deranged and neglected daughter of Riggan. She expectedly causes trouble with her dad’s fellow co-star of his play happens to be a fellow actor up to no good hired last minute by a frantic Riggan, played by Edward Norton. Which: are we surprised, really?: washed up stars trying to reclaim their youth and fame with another comeback–or at least that’s what the evil New York Times critic thinks, when she plans to sabotage the whole production in her mean review.


I can’t believe that this movie’s marketing didn’t blow up like, EVERYWHERE, because I firmly think this one directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu is practically a life-changing in the acting alone, but it will also have you questioning the inevitable comparison of Hollywood VS Broadway. Keaton’s character is trying to revive a VERY sort of appropriate version of the play called “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love”–which: WTF. What DO we even talk about when we talk about love? Oh yeah: loneliness and sadness and irrevocable acts of madness caused by all of this, this four letter madness.

Zach Galifianakis makes a necessary appearance, which is as perfect as you could ever imagine.


And it’s important to note that Birdman DOES call for a scene where Keaton runs through Times Square in his underwear, making any amount of money put towards this production worth it.


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