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Birdman FTW, nobody invite John Travolta to an award show ever again, and more thoughts on this year’s Oscars

On a much lighter note from last year’s Oscars (YAWN!), Neil Patrick Harris actually killed it in the beginning with his clever songs and sense of humor throughout, though the show did sort of drag on towards the end (as it tends to always do after 3.5 hours of watching people win trophies). And you know what? Harris was right. Being a host is a lose-lose situation, because the crowd already wants you to fail. They WANT you to suck, and they definitely want you to f*ck up. But I thought he did an OK job all-in-all, considering the fact there’s literally nobody else out there amazing enough to host (seriously: if not NPH, then who?).

So: my favorite moments? It’s a toss-up between Benedict Cumberbatch sipping his flask and John Travolta being a total weirdo-creep to Idina Menzel / Scar Jo (but seriously: WTF!?!?). Oh, and 50 Shades of Grey’s Dakota Johnson’s mom being a hater on her daughter’s new hot movie. But obviously I have been #TeamBirdman this whole time, so I was just happy to see this hilarious movie about Hollywood end up a winner at the biggest award show in Hollywood. It just makes sense! OR, how could I forget? Jack Black coming out of the trenches and greeting us with a funny rebuttal to NPH’s upbeat song about showbiz, making me reconsider popping in my Tenacious D album and hitting the road.

I was a whopping 15/24 in my Oscar predictions, but I am just happy have nailed the main ones: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, ETC., ETC (OK so YES, this is me bragging). I think Eddie Redmayne deserved the Best Actor award for all those years of Stephen Hawking’s hard work—I mean for his exceptional acting taking on such a serious, heart-felt role (haha). Anyone who said he didn’t, well, they probably don’t know about the movie and are just hatin’ on those darn good looks of his.

Gaga seemed to steal the show with those rubber dish gloves—KIDDING! She had a gorgeous performance singing (in accent!) some of our favorites from The Sound of Music. How can you not just love so hard on Gaga, looking as gorgeous as ever? In that DRESS? My God. However there was a deep dark emptiness reigning inside of me not being able to see her lil cutie boo thang Taylor Kinney on the red carpet (who, SIGH, is a total babe). Alas, her performance made up for it, not to mention her hand-made gown designed by Mr. Azzedine Alaïa that took 1600 hours to make (so yes, a lifetime).


(photos via mirror.co.ukynaija.com)

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