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Betting season 3 of GIRLS is the best yet

I love seeing how much Girls has evolved from their very first campaign and SXSW Festival premiere in 2012 to the now 3rd soon-to-air season of the HBO comedy of twenty-somethings starring none other than writer/director/producer Lena Dunham.

And who doesn’t love indulging in some Girls? Looking back at the pilot up until the season 2 finale, Hannah (Dunham) has come a long way in sort of finding herself through some pretty anxiety-ridden and complicated situations: Adam (Adam Driver) telling her he loves her, Adam getting hit by a car, the somewhat disastrous idea of moving in with Elijah (Andrew Rannells), the roller coaster friendship between her and Marnie (Allison Williams)—it’s not so easy for a working girl in NYC with a super important book deal whose parents cut her off financially!

After watching the season 3 production promo (below) it’s easy to tell that Dunham et al have mastered the art of Girls and this one could be the best yet: Hannah, seemingly back on her feet and together with Adam (for now), Marnie: still an absolute wreck, Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet), who is “experimenting with some new eye makeup and hairstyles that I think will really satisfy the twittersphere,” according to Dunham, and finally catching up with the long lost Jessa (Jemima Kirke): a girl who likes to “kick up a lot of dust.” Oh, and Elijah is back!

It’s been fun hitching a ride with Girls the past couple of years, and anyone who can’t just enjoy the show (hating Girls is so 2000 and late!), well, let’s just say you’re missing out. A lot.

GIRLS premieres Sunday, January 12th with back-to-back episodes at 10PM ET.

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