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Baking Obsession’s Elder Scrolls Skyrim cake

If you thought all of the fuss about Skyrim was over, you were wrong. And though it seems like a long time since the initial release back in November—nearly 6 months—this cake has us just as excited as we were when the game first came out (anyone else still Skyrimming for hours on end?).

Ambitious bakers at Baking Obsession took it upon themselves to create this masterpiece after one of their sons made a request for an Alduin cake for his birthday. And well, being the baking extraordinaires they are, how could they deny such a request, not to mention, pass up such an intriguing challenge?

Five pounds of chocolate lie somewhere within this creation, and our stomachs ache just thinking about how much of it we’d actually end up consuming. We imagine the birthday boy was very overjoyed when he saw that his cake idea had become a reality.

Though Baking Obsession’s Elder Scrolls cake is pretty unbelievable, another bakery Charm City Cakes, nicknamed the “Ace of Cakes,” also created their own version of Alduin. If you want to attempt at making your own replica of these intricate cakes, we suggest you start small, perhaps with the fire-breathing dragon cake recipe (and we wish you luck!).

(via ripten)

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