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Attention, snackaholics: Doritos now makes it easier than ever to map your favorite flavors

It is no secret one of the main ways I get my kicks is stopping at the gas station late night picking up any assortment of snacks. But my world was rocked (like: stomach tingling from the spicy hot delight) after passing through Long Island on the way home from an undisclosed beach not too long ago.

So being part of the top-secret club that is made up of the people who have this habit of indulgence to the world of desirable sweets found in any corner store or gas station, I took it upon myself to try Doritos’ DINAMITA Chile Lemon rolled chips. A snack so, so good you’ll be wondering why it took so long for the bagged chip world to evolve into these perfectly hot delights. doriots-chips-chile-limon-flavor

Naturally I texted all my fellow friends who are also in this totally awesome snack club, and told them about having to try these. And well, it’s looking like Doritos has made it easier than ever to locate your favorite product via a live search of Doritos products that’s about to takeover your entire life next time you’re on the hunt for fulfilling that little craving that comes every now and again (aka once, maybe twice a day). Oh. And your fingers will be irrevocably red after munching on an entire bag—a stain lasting as long as two days, given the flavor’s intensity. So maybe just don’t go out in public (not that you would anyways) for a little bit after you decide to give them a try (c’mon, do it). DORITOS-DINAMITA-LIMON-CHILE-LOOP

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