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A historical list of badass b*tches for International Women’s Day

One could argue it seems unfair there is an International Women’s day but no International Men’s Day by the simple virtues of feminism. But in a world where women are STILL fighting for simple things such as equal pay in the workforce, I think it’s OK that we have our own designated day and the boys are left to fade away in the dust forever (KIDDING!). Whatever your opinion is on the state of things, there is no doubt a way-too-long list of women have contributed to breaking in society’s fear of boobs and the vagina. Over the course of my childhood up to my academic years all the way to my own contemporary personal studies, there are SO many who have influenced me to some degree with their general badassery and not giving a f*ck. And today, being International Women’s Day after all, I’ve decided to pay homage to my favorite chicas (and YES, cartoons count):

1. Frida Kahlo


(photo via Biography.com)

2. Mary Shelley


(photo via Biography.com)

3. Jewel


(photo via Smoe.org)

4. Ashley Judd


(photo via ABC)

5. Jean Rhys


(photo via The Dominican)

6. Leslie Jones


(photo via Splitsider)

7. Bettie Page


(photo via Time)

8. Lady Gaga


(photo via Static)

9. The Spice Girls

The Fisherman's Friends film

(photo via The Huff Post)

10. Sarah Silverman


(photo via YouTube)

11. Helga Pataki


(photo via Tumblr)

12. Dinah Washington


(photo via umeboshi)

13. Emily Dickinson


(photo via The Guardian)

 14. Allison Wolfe


(photo via The Nerdy Virginias)

15. Kim Deal


(photo via Spin)

16. Daria and Jane



(photo via Daria Wiki)


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