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9 of the best ramen noodles in NYC

When it comes to ramen, most people would not understand just how much love goes into one bowl; the art of ramen is no small feat. So next time you’re waiting extra-long for your noods, do not forget there’s someone’s heart and soul being poured perfect into whichever ramen you choose.

And believe me, I did NOT want to disappoint anybody who might be reading this list. Here are my 2019 top destinations for ramen (if you haven’t been so lucky already to try any of these spots):

  1. Shinka Ramen, Chinatown: [MAIN PHOTO] Attached to the trendy Wyndham Hotel, Shinka Ramen gives off Cosmopolitan Las Vegas vibes with their neon-lit restaurant. The noods come steaming hot, and there’s a vegan option! For dessert: the Butterfly Effect cocktail that changes color right in front of your eyes!
  2. Ramen Spot, Greenpoint: The name says it all: this is *the* spot for ramen in Brooklyn. The menu is simple as it is delightful, and the noods will NOT be of any dissatisfaction. Bonus: noodle-broth ratio is a healthy proportion.
  3. KOKO Wings, Upper West Side: Somehow I’m always randomly on the Upper West Side eating food even though I live across the world pretty much in Greenpoint, but one day I had to have KOKO Wings’ seafood ramen that is some of the richest I’ve had.
  4. Boil Boil, TurnStyle Underground Market: You will not feel underwhelmed after consuming BoilBoil Ramen; the serving size is more than generous as you consume in between train rides at the TurnStyle Underground Market underground at Columbus Circle Station.
  5. Ryujin Brooklyn, East Williamsburg: I discovered this place walking down Grand Street in the rain one day; I did not know what to expect, but after recently re-visiting and having their cheesy ramen noods, I think it might be safe to say Ryujin’s inventive recipes make it a favorite on my list. Meat lovers: you *neeed* the sizzling steaks. Oh, and they have lobster flavored ramen as well!
  6. Nakamura, Lower East Side: Something about wandering around New York City aimlessly and stumbling upon delicious ramen noods I guess is a phenomenon in my life, because Nakamura was another one of those discoveries I just *had* to try. Thick broth and bold flavors if you’re lucky enough to get a seat in the rather intimate space.
  7. HinoMaru Japanese Ramen Bar, Astoria-Ditmars: I was lucky to enter the doors of this inviting Queens restaurant on the hip Ditmars Boulevard in Astoria. The ramen noodle portions are generous, and don’t forget to order the yummy appetizers too, including the “dancing” Okonomyaki.
  8. Ramen Mafia, Greenpoint: I am undoubtedly a Brooklyn dweller, so when a friend mentioned the new place for noods would be popping up in the ‘hood, there was much mystery to the place that had me inspired to try more great ramen spots. UNDERRATED: the curry bowls are also to die for if you’re not necessarily in the ramen mood.
  9. Mr. Taka Ramen, Lower East Side: as always, the Lower East Side has it all when it comes to grubbing. The corner of Manhattan is known to some pretty famous ramen spots; Mr. Taka has an airy space with ample opportunity to get that daylight noodle shot with a cute neon sign. Pro tip: their lunchtime deal is a steal. And there’s fried chicken!

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