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2014 Short North Mini-Mural competition: vote for Maria DiFranco’s “Domesticating the African Wolf”

One of the main reasons I created Loop was because I had an overwhelming amount of artsy-fartsy friends that I wanted to showcase their talent. I wanted Loop to be a promotional space where people from all over the world could come see something new, possibly find a new interest. One of those very people happens to be an artist I’ve known for over a decade, Miss Maria DiFranco from Cleveland, whose art is available through Providence’s Buy Art Program.

As her success continues along with her portfolio and continuous art education (she is currently at The Ohio State University), The Short North Arts District has opened a competition to have works displayed as a 100×100 foot mural in Columbus, Ohio. The piece with the most likes on Facebook gets the mural creation. DiFranco’s “Domesticating the African Wolf” (shown above) is currently in the final round. Here’s what she has to say about it:

“In my artwork I appropriate and recast images specific to distinct cultures to symbolize contemporary subject matter. As an artist, I am acutely attuned to the various aspects of contemporary life that surround me, but also very much interested in the history, traditions, and characteristics brought forward through generations of time past that define a particular place. My prints and drawings reference my research of present day culture, and exploration of history. The drawing “Domesticating the African Wolf” expresses the confinement in our bodies as well as in our way of life due to the growth of cultural norms.”

Vote for DiFranco’s amazing piece on Facebook so this incredible work can be blown up for all of Columbus and its visitors to see! Go on, do it! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE.

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