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With Costner and company it’s going to be hard to get Draft Day wrong

Ahhhhh…. Draft Day is upon us, you guys. As a born-bread Cleveland fan and lifelong Browns devotee myself (I know: rough stuff), I look forward greatly to the debut of Kevin Costner as Cleveland Browns general manager Sonny Weaver Junior.

Ivan Reitman’s film, which: this is the same guy who directed Ghostbusters (and Stripes!), so you might wonder what this guy doing directing a movie about football. Well I have no idea at all, but after reading a couple early reviews it sounds like he might have actually done a really good job with rumors of some mild product placement along with a bit of a lull. But this is the NFL we’re talking about, so none of this comes as a surprise at all whatsoever.

As I count down the last week until what’s looking to be like a way better Moneyball, I ask you this: who seriously even needs porn with all the latest Draft Day promos that have been circling the billboards and train stations? Costner’s got it goin’ on (duh). Again, no surprise, either, because if you remember he HAS been known for his more than noteworthy sports role performances (two words: BILL DURHAM!).

Oh, and there will also be featured cameo appearances from Bernie Kosar and THE Jim Brown.

AHHH! Sports!

(photo via The Big Lead)

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