Ugh. Chris Brown.

Chris Brown has become the Mozart of douches with his latest tattoo. Since news broke of his “suspiciously-looking-like-a-battered-Rihanna” tattoo, his reps have claimed that it’s merely a sugar skull from a Day of the Dead ceremony. Because as you know: Chris Brown has been publicly obsessed with obscure Mexican holidays for a while now….oh wait? He hasn’t been? Hm. Weird.

The only statement Brown could be bothered to make was I am an artist and this is art.” Right. Well we’ll leave you too that art then. Whatever it is. Because aside from the awesome wedding video set to his one good song (how do you think the folks form that wedding feel now?) it doesn’t appear that Chris Brown has produced any art in his entire life other than breath-taking douchery?

Heckuva job, Brownie.

(via EW, everywhere else) (photos via QuickMeme and DailyMail)

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