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Tune In: the 3,000 page biography by Mark Lewisohn for your Beatles obsession

“In the Star-Club one night John came on stage with a toilet seat around his neck, and a cape on, and a hat. He was out o fhis f—in’ brain” – Mark Lewisohn, In Tune

3,000 pages seems about the right length for a biography trilogy, right? Kidding, but what may sound like a bit of an overkill as far as page numbers is concerned, Mark Lewishon aka the Beatles on and off “in-house historian” launches his first installment of the series that’s 932 pages long and starts off when the boys were, well, just boys!

And here I thought I had gotten enough of my Beatles fix this year with Good Ol’ Freda premiering and visiting the Pointe-à-Callière in Montreal for the renowned Beatles exhibit this summer. But no, it’s all not enough! Now I’m hungry for even more from my favorite Liverpool lads that still overwhelmingly occupy my Top 25 Played list.

Tune In will be richly filled with forgotten moments and features decades of the authors interviews with the band. The book serves as a plentiful source of Beatles truths (considering the bands’ ages now!) of the sex-crazed speed-filled nights spent rockin’ right from the start. It is available on Amazon and bookstores worldwide.

Mark Lewisohn, Beatles biographer

(via Entertainment Weekly; photo via Telegraph UK)

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