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If there’s such thing as a perfect movie trailer, it’s Trainwreck‘s

Not sure what it was that sparked my loving of the TRAINWRECK trailer (OK, I totally do: it’s going to be the shit), Judd Apatow’s latest flick starring probably my favorite comedian right now Amy Schumer. Who in case you haven’t seen already, has her own show Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central. Now, having Schumer in this movie that JESUS looks so perfect (thank you, Apatow), we have a lot of funny to look forward to.

In the trailer you will see LeBron James who, let’s be serious: is the best. Having been a lifelong Cavs fan, seeing him take on a big role just makes me smile. Oh and let’s not forget Bill FREAKING Hader who absolutely steals my heart in every single way possible with his antics: this time as a guy who falls for the very promiscuous, anti-monogamist character Amy plays. And let’s just say that she doesn’t give a fuuuu—UNTIL love subtly sweeps her away one day without her even KNOWING. Like, it sort of just happens.

WATCH the official (NSFW, sorry y’alls) red band trailer here and watch Amy fall for Hader and LeBron have a serious case of FOMO-ing Downton Abbey with the boys.

(photo via The Star)

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