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Tinder just went all OKCupid on us with Tinder Plus

“It’s like we’re predetermining our entire love lives based on the luck of the swipe”

Tinder is a drug. A few months ago I went on a rant about how the inevitable addiction takes over your entire life. FAST. Before you know it, you will have opened your world to hundreds (depending on your swipe activity, which by the way, is now being limited for those of you out there who serial swipe all damn day) of random humans that MIGHT actually be bots (you never do know…).

But if any of you use the app you would have noticed that there are a few, uhhh, changes that will most likely cause 1) advertisements 2) limited app use 3) in-app purchase options. Ew! So basically Tinder just went all OKCupid on us with Tinder Plus. And what are we going to do, stop swiping? Hell naw! So they won; Tinder just made probably the smartest move since the app’s start in 2012 that will of course derive sales and make them even more profitable than they already are.

To be more specific, with in-app purchases people will be able to sign in with a “passport”, swiping as if they were in that area. For instance: let’s say someone was planning a trip out of the country and wanted to scope said country’s “meat”, they would just “check-in” to that location (for a monthly fee). The funny thing about the passport upgrade is that it sort of pokes fun at the older Tinder crowd by charging them twice the amount than those under 30 who want Tinder Plus. Reason being: old people have more money (DUH!). Unless it’s Tinder subtly saying “HAHAHA YOU ARE OLD AND YOU SHOULD NOT BE ON TINDER!!!”

Another Tinder Plus feature (that again, OKCupid already mastered) is the rewind button (OKCupid’s “undo” button); you are now able to go back and reswipe for all of those, “OH MY GOD FUCK I JUST SWIPED LEFT TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE” moments (we’ve all had them).

Call me crazy, but wasn’t having the potential to swipe every single person within a 100 mile radius sufficient enough for our frisky ways? It’s like we are predetermining our entire love lives based on the luck of a swipe. Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer Old Tinder as opposed to New Tinder. I like my unlimited right swipes. I don’t want to know who I’m going to hook up with 6 months in advance in X city. I like my totally free and terrible dating app, thank you very much.

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