Things you can still do in NYC before it gets freezing cold outside

Summer in NYC as I always say is either good or bad depending on how you look at it or what you happen to be doing (if you’re not busy being a rich millionaire going to the Hamptons every other weekend, or booking it to the Caribbean last minute on a private jet).

But I always have to argue that while the hotness and smelly streets might factor in to why anyone would ever want to spend their summer days in a crowded city on a 90 degree day, I wouldn’t have it any other way; summer in NYC is the best, and there’s still some time left to enjoy all it has offer before the fall days turn into snowfalls in December.

1. Grab a $1 sherbert on pretty much any given street corner:

2. Take the Metro North to diabeacon:

3. Eat meat pies on the roof of Northern Territory:

4. Snocones at Handsome Dan’s:

5. Swirl life at Cafe Zaiya:

6. Organic cotton candy at Brooklyn Floss outside Artists and Fleas:


8. Get turnt at Beach 97 St. Far Rockaway:


8. Sip champagne on pretty much any NYC patio:


9. Watermelon margaritas slushies at Gilligan’s:


10. Fun Friday’s at Eataly’s rooftop bar in Flatiron:


11. Enjoy the last of outdoor Smorg before it moves indoors:


12. Crazy-cool sundaes and DIY ice cream at Cool Mess:


13. Stroll along the historic Seaport and have a drink at Industry:


14. Quench your thirst and get that perfect rooftop sunset shot at SIXTY LES:


15.  Cotton Candy Floats at Vivi Bubble Tea:


16. A classic cool-down at Milk Bar:


17. Sunset walks at Chelsea Piers:

18. Thai-style hand-rolled ice cream at Juicy Spot: 

19. Red Velvet Cake Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich at Mikey Likes It:


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