The thing about Instagram’s new DM feature

I guess you could call me an “old school” Instagrammer because I could give a sh*t about videos or ads or their recent partnering with Facebook; I just want Instagram for what it is: an app to share beautiful and funny photos (enhanced with the never-ending photo editors, obviously).

So when the Internet went amok this morning about their recent “big” news, I was like, ohhh boy, what could be next? Then Instagram announced they’d be integrating a personal DM feature, allowing you to send photographs and text (your first message has to be a photograph!). And then I was just like, seriously? That’s it? This is the big Instagram news? I had to laugh because, wow, really? I already have enough troubles with awkward DMs through other social medias (I couldn’t help but make a dick pic joke earlier).


On the other hand I love the new feature, because while being a total minimalistic Insta gal the first thing that struck me was the “deep-liking” phenomenon coined by Elle last month, and how this new direct message feature could you know, like, bring two people together somehow (deep-liking = going back and liking a crush’s oldest photos).

So who knows, maybe it’s a good thing. Maybe it’s the most horrific thing ever and soon we’ll start to see spam in our inbox and just the normal everyday app fears we’ve all experienced. But for one thing it’s not very original, and I was expecting a little something more (like HELLO, some new filters!).

(main photo via Forbes)


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