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The Huffington Post has a “Good News” section…and it’s awful

I, like many other Internet users, was recently in dire need of a video of a cat doing something adorable. So I did a Google search, which led me to The Huffington Post for this entirely necessary video of a cat helping a mute child speak.

Unfortunately the discovery also took me to the Huffington Post’s surprisingly sad “Good News” section. I’m all for any media outlet to highlight the happier side of news and the subreddit “Uplifting Stories” has gotten me through many a rainy day. But HuffPo’s good news sections shows nothing more than a fundamental misunderstanding about what makes people happy at best or a shameless attempt to exploit cats and dying people for page views.

Take for instance the current main story and accompanying image on the front page.

Wait. What? Some incredibly sad looking teen with tubes in his nose wanted to make BBQ sauce four years ago? Absolutely no explanation as to what is wrong with this teen or why he wants to make BBQ sauce. Of course, you have to scroll down to see the full headline and…

he’s dying. Great. But at least he got to sell some of his BBQ sauce. Grade-A stuff, “Good News.”

It’s alright though because if dying children aren’t really your thing, “Good News” also has:

Ducklings in enough danger to give you a heart attack.

A question to which “probably not much” is the answer.

Puppies mutilated by drug mafias and…

OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT?!?!!?  It looks like Wilford Brimley procreated with a furry demon whose eyes will swallow your soul.

What the hell, “Good News,” what the hell?

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